Actual words that I spoke in my actual kitchen just now


This, of course, because Nathan was holding the cat and looking for somewhere to put her. How have things gotten to this point? And when Judah's two I'll have to deal with them BOTH.


Hey! This is THE LAND OF GRACIOUS LIVING!! Or did you not get the memo?

Land of cranky ugly old people and their cranky ugly offspring, is more like it.
Tonight Nathan and Judah and I went to Mimi's for dinner with my parents. Mimi's, people. This is not fine dining. Judah was being kind of whiny, so we were taking turns holding him and keeping him entertained, and several times my mom and Nathan took him outside when he got too wound up. He wasn't screaming or anything, just kind of crying. At one point I noticed the people in the booth behind us looking over their shoulders at us, but didn't think it was a big deal. Then, when we were getting the bill figured out, Judah was crying and the old guy behind us goes, "You'd think they'd get up and take that kid the hell out of here." And he said it loud. Nathan turned around and said to him, "Nice. Real nice." They all ignored him, of course. Because people like that are cowards and can't take what they dish. They got up and left pretty fast after that, and we followed them out a second later. My dad was the first to reach the front of the restaurant and he heard the younger lady complaining to the hostesses about us! The hostesses were like, "Yeah, whatever," so good for them. Nathan and I were walking behind the old guy outside the restaurant and he was walking slow and Nathan said, "You'd think some people would walk a little faster." And we passed him and I turned around and glared for a while, and we left.

People like that need clubbing with heavy blunt objects. Next time somone makes a comment like that I plan to turn around and say, "I'd rather hear him cry than you talk. So do us all a favor and SHUT UP!"


Quote of the day

"He roars like a lion and swims like a tiger."
Don't know why, but I thought it was hysterical when I read it. Maybe it was the context. Thanks to Barbara for this site, which totally made my evening. My faith in science is renewed because the lovely scientists create things like this seemingly just for fun and to amuse us. A friend of mine from high school lived next door to a scientist. He had bred a cabbit by mating a cat and a rabbit. No joke. It looked like a rabbit with a cat's head, and it would hop around and meow. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. I have a cat who says "Yum yum yum" when she drinks, but as far as we can tell it's not the result of any cross-breeding. She's just crazy.


Judah's first SUV

My first picture on my blog! This is Caleb and Judah (Judah's in the black stroller) on one of their Monday outings. Judah and I walk with Caleb and Aimee once a week. We don't think that the boys have realized that the other exists yet. Hopefully they'll be friends some day. But aren't they cute? You can't really see it in the picture, but Judah's hanging out with his foot up on the "dashboard" of his stroller. Is he my kid or what?