The most boring blog on the internet

I know! It's been almost a month since I posted. In that month, I've either:
a) been too tired out to post
b) had nothing to post about
c) only had material that would be unwise to post about here.
So tonight I'll try to come up with some reader-friendly content, and let you know what's been going on for the last month.

Jeff and Heather got married on Sunday! And that's where a major part of my time and energy went. There were so many events leading up to the day, it seemed like we did nothing but run from place to place for a week. But it was all worth it. The wedding was beautiful and we all had a good time, and the bride and groom are happily off in Aruba, hopefully relaxing on a beach somewhere.

We also took a five day vacation to Mammoth with my entire family, and it was so much fun. Except for that one night where Judah was up virtually the entire night. But he did better after that and did great during the day. He loved being constantly surrounded by his cousins and having people to play with at all times. AND having Papa and Grammy on hand for five solid days. We stayed at a condo belonging to a family in our church and it was the perfect place for all of us to be. PLUS, they had an old-school, arcade-style tabletop Centipede game that we all spent hours playing, even the little girls. They were really good at it.

The baby's a boy. Did I tell you? I'm pretty sure I did. He's doing well, extremely active. I don't remember Judah moving around this much before he was born. I went to the doctor's today and he said everything looks pretty good, except that there's a very slight chance that I have gestational diabetes. I have to go take the test again (yuck) sometime next week. I'm not too worried. I only have eight weeks to go, how much of a difference can it really make at this point anyway? I'm also far more uncomfortable this time around than I was last time. Part of it's definitely the heat. I've never minded the heat, but being this pregnant makes it really miserable.

Judah has definitely become a two-year-old. He's discovered the words "no," "mine," and "lemme have it!" All words I don't like hearing. And he's developed the infuriating habit of disobeying me while he looks me straight in the eye. All of this I could handle if his sleep habits hadn't gone totally haywire at the same time. He is now climbing out of the pack and play easily, and does so at every opportunity. The last few nights we've spent large amounts of time putting him back in bed. Last night it took an hour, today at his nap it took an hour. Other times have varied. And then suddenly tonight we put him down, he got up once, Nathan went up and put him back down without a word and without making eye contact, and we haven't heard from him again. We don't dare to hope that the war is over, but it's nice to have a night of peace. We just got my old twin bed back from my brother, so we're planning on moving him to a "big boy bed" in a couple of days. Wish us luck....

I think that's about it for now, at least the major things. I will try to be a better blogger from now on, but no promises.