Right back where they started from

Welcome home, Brian, Ashlee, and Eszter!! And welcome to California, Josiah and Sophia!!


Maybe his hair has nerves

These pictures are a little old, but I ran across them tonight and thought I'd post them, since people keep asking me, "Has Judah had another haircut? Did he do any better?" The answers are yes and yes, sort of. Kassy came over again armed with more suckers, and Judah did pretty well for the first half of the session. But then she broke out the clippers and that was the end of it. It's better than he's ever done, though, and I have hope that some day we'll make it through a haircut without all of us ending up covered in tears and clippings.

Kassy is awesome, by the way. She brought basically a whole salon to our house and set up shop. She bleached, dyed, cut, and styled my hair, then cut Judah's hair and then Nathan's. And in between all of it we ate In-N-Out for dinner. What could be better? Here are the pics of Judah's cut. Notice the progression from smiling to screaming....


A few of my favorite things

I know I haven't posted in a while, and that's because not a lot new is going on around here. Oh, and also, I've been much too busy. See, Jeff and Heather (a curse be on their mustaches) got me totally and hopelessly addicted to Toontown, an online game created for, like, eight year olds. Disney is so genius, I have to say. You can play the game free for as long as you want, but you have to pay if you want to do the higher-level stuff. And they suck you in. I was determined not to pay. But.... I did. Eventually. And now it consumes my time. You all should check it out, it's fun! And if you see Captain Banjo Bananajinks running around, that's me. Or possibly Jeff. But probably me.

Anyway. Like I said, not much is happening. So I thought I'd just post some of my favorite recent pictures. The one above is a shot of the ocean a few weeks ago, looking a lot like some tropical location. The weather was gorgeous, it had been raining for several days and then cleared up, so we went to Ruby's where we could walk on the beach and look back at the snow-covered mountains. Isn't California awesome?
Judah at Ruby's that day, clowning around in Nathan's hat. He loves hats, so we bought him one at Tilly's that's way too big for him, so far. But he looks really cute in it. I'm very very slowly turning the boys' bathroom into a sort of beach/surfer type theme, and I found these lanterns at Tall Mouse for really cheap. Best part: they're battery operated, so no ugly cords. I hung them from the ceiling in the bathroom, and now Judah won't let us turn them on ever. Whatever. They look cool.
This is one of my favorite things ever, when babies suck on their toes. Micah does it every chance he gets, and I love it! And check out those eyelashes. They seem to get longer daily, it's crazy.
Here is my dream car (one of them). I've seen it around at car shows and stuff, and one day it was parked in our complex so I had to have my pic taken with it. It's a Nash Metropolitan. One day I will have one!