I almost died laughing just now

Currently listening to: Electronic's Raise the Pressure album
Reminds me of: Hanging out at Jon and Nate's place in Park Newport on summer nights (drinking with all of the Biola alums)

I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I had to open all your eyes to this hysterical video clip. Nathan just came home from work and showed it to me. If you're one of those people who thinks that any funny video involving animals is abuse, then don't look. But I'm of the opinion that animals were put on earth mostly to nourish and amuse us, so I think it's funny. The same way I think it's funny when you spin around with a cat in your arms for a while and then put it down on the floor and watch it try to walk. Come on, like you've never done that. It's also funny to put a strip of tape down a cat's back and watch it run low. The other night Nathan put his watch around Payasa's neck (don't worry, it was plenty big enough - she's a small cat and he has big wrists) and she was our watch cat for a while. Problem was, she wouldn't walk. Maybe a smaller watch would work.....


drn8 said...

I want a herd of fainting goats so I can open my umbrella at them.

Clint said...

I think someone opened an umbrella at Kristy.