SOLD! To the lowest bidder.

Yes, it's true. We are one car less in this household. And while we still have more cars than we have legal drivers, this is a vast improvement. A person who was serious about the Impala finally turned up, drove down from Agoura, and bought the thing for his 15-year-old son. Which means that within a year it will be nothing more than a twisted pile of metal at the edge of some freeway, but whatever. I'm not sure what that guy's thinking giving a new driver this kind of horsepower. But I guess he knows his kid, and it's his call, and we're glad to be rid of the car. He gave us $6,000 for it, and Nathan pointed out to me that he spent more than that just in repairs on the car within the first year he owned it. Yikes. So, farewell, Sasha the Impala! It was fun (most of the time) and also expensive (all the time). The only part I'm sad about is that this is the car we brought Judah home from the hospital in and it was a little hard to see that go.
It turned out the the Impala hadn't been smogged in the last 90 days, so Nathan and the two guys that came to get it went to a local smog check station. Before they went, Nathan called the place to see exactly where it was located, since he'd never been before. Here's how the conversation went:

Nathan: Where are you guys located?
Smog dude: Between Prospect and Bastanchury on Imperial.
Nathan: And are you on the north or south side?
Smog dude: Well, I don't know which way you're coming from.
Nathan: ......... Umm, okay. I'll find you.

Think about that one for a while. Genius.


Dean & Christi said...

Yikes! For a minute there I was scared. The title popped up before the picture did and I was afraid that it was the mustang. Whew!

ashlee said...


Kristy said...

No such luck on the Mustang yet. Yes, I will be heartbroken when it goes, but it will be nice to know that someone's driving and enjoying it rather than it just sitting in a parking lot, as it is now.