Another season, another playlist

More than any other season, fall inspires me to create playlists of songs that seem to fit the new feel in the air. And since we're almost to fall, here's my most recent.....

Never Meant - American Football (from an album that inspired Dave to say to me, "Do you actually like this stuff?" Yes, I do. Very much.)
Porrohman - Big Country
I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You - Black Kids (SO much fun!)
Two More Years - Bloc Party
Sunday - Bloc Party
Jesus Christ - Brand New (get past the title and check this song out, it's really interesting)
Slave to Love - Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music (I can't help it, I'm a sucker for this song)
Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers
Viva la Vida - Coldplay (after hearing a bit of this album, I'm beginning to think they MIGHT actually be the next U2)
The Last Day of Summer - The Cure (find this on iTunes and buy it immediately, you won't regret it)
Pictures of You - The Cure (many times the best part of a Cure song is the instrumental part, but in this case the lyrics are perfect as well)
#41 - Dave Matthews (from the Live at Luther College album, incredible acoustic guitar)
Lover Lay Down - Dave Matthews
Come Away to Sea - David Wilcox
Brothers on a Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie
The Winds that Blow - Duncan Sheik
Some Distant Memory - Electronic (a little Smiths, a little New Order, a lot perfect)
Let Go - Frou Frou (the best part of the nearly flawless Garden State soundtrack)
Thinking About You - Ivy
Keep Moving - Ivy
Lullaby - James
Cloudbusting - Kate Bush (keep an open mind if you listen to this....)
Ride With Me - The Lemonheads
Bengali in Platforms - Morrissey
Turn - New Order
A Question of Travel - The Ocean Blue
Poor Souls - Owen (I don't think anyone expresses longing quite as well as Owen)
This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave - Pet Shop Boys (left over from my college days)
High and Dry - Radiohead
Little Wonders - Rob Thomas (this song chokes me up almost every time)


Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or are you slowly turning the emo revolution. You'll soon be in the new, blockbuster hit Finding Emo.

Clint said...

I'm so glad you're still listening to David Wilcox. He's so my favorite musician. So good.

Kristy said...

I really like David Wilcox's voice. And it's funny about this song, because I actually discovered it off of a Martha Stewart lullaby album someone gave us when Judah was born! And unlikely place to find cool music, but it's actually a really decent collection.

Anonymous said...

David Wilcox - yes. Some of these others a bit too mainstream. You would like AM and his song Ending Are Beginnings . Can't google it but well worth a listen on iTunes www.myspace.com/amsounds

keep the lists coming but dig a bit deeper

Kristy said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll check it out.

By the way, who are you....?

Is mainstream really such a bad thing? Do you have to disown something you like just because a lot of other people happen to like it too? I spent a lot of years avoiding the mainstream simply because it was mainstream before I realized that it had some good to offer too....

Anonymous said...

i wish my lawn was emo... so it would cut itself