My growing readership!

Fanfare, please.
Are you ready? I now have THREE READERS that I know of! Here they are:
1. Barbara
2. Jude (maybe...are you still here, Jude? Hey Jude....)
3. Arpie (Ta da! My newest reader!)
I'm so excited! And I've never even met Arpie! But Nathan says she's cool, so she
must be. Plus, her friend has a really cool art display up at Plush right now. I'd
tell the other two of you to go check it out, but it wouldn't do much good since one
of you is in Redwood City and the other is in Wales. Whatever, you two. Guess the
OC just wasn't good enough for you. :P
Okay, that's quite enough writing for the night. See you all later!


Anonymous said...

Whatevs, you've got another reader. He doesn't look like Robert Smith, but who knows where you'd have ended if he did?

Barbara said...

It says Anonymous, but I know who that is. And DUDE, are you STILL hung up on the Robert Smith thing?!? Come on!! :-)