Happy Birthday, Becky!

As you can tell, September is the month for birthdays in my family. Three in four days!

Becky was my first sister-in-law. Dave started bringing her around when I was fourteen, in my first year of highschool. So she's seen me go through A LOT, including the phase where I wore a lot of black and stayed in my room all the time and thought Robert Smith was the only person who knew how I felt. She saw me through several boyfriends and bad breakups and crazy friendships. And she's never judged me for any of it. I've never been afraid to reveal anything to Becky, never been afraid to tell her about my mistakes and bad decisions and insecurities. She has always been willing to listen to me and to tell me it's okay to feel whatever way I do. Also, she always helps me commandeer the olive bowl at family gatherings so that we can eat them all. :)

Beck - thanks for being such a good friend to me for so many years now. I love you, and hope that you're having the best birthday ever!

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Clint said...

All these birthday wishes on your blog and not one of them is about me. *sigh*