Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John meet Mother Goose

Nathan and I babysat two of our many nieces last night for a couple hours. While they were here we fed Judah dinner, which consists of a truly disgusting mixture of oatmeal and mashed up banana. Rachel and Naomi both asked to feed him, and I let them do a couple of bites each. Judah makes a mess when he eats, but it was nothing compared to the mess that ensued after I handed each of the girls the spoon. After Naomi handed the spoon back to me she stood there and watched Nathan and me finish the feeding, and we all had a deep theological conversation. It went something like this.

Naomi: Babies are messy.
Me: Yep. Were you messy when you were a baby?
Naomi: Uh-huh.
Nathan: What about Jesus? Was he messy when he was a baby?
Naomi: No.
Nathan: Why not?
Naomi: (with expressive hand gestures) Because he wasn't born!
Me: Who told you that?
Naomi: My mommy.
Nathan: I think you need to ask your mommy again.
Me: How come the Bible says Jesus was born?
Naomi: Because the Bible just says that to trick you.
Nathan and me: No Naomi, the Bible never tricks you.
Nathan: Did Jesus have a mommy?
Naomi: Yes.
Nathan: Who?
Naomi: Mary.
Me: How was Mary his mommy if he wasn't born?
Naomi: (looks at us like we're idiots) What I DO know is that Mary had a little lamb.
Nathan: (choking on laughter) I think that's a different Mary, Naomi.
Naomi: I KNOW that!

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...the things kids say! Thanks for sharing that story it put a smile on my face!