It's Embrace the Lame Day!

Dreamt up by Dave and explained more fully here, Embrace the Lame Day is that day on which we reveal the aspects of ourselves that we believe others might view as, well, lame. Like, if you have a soft spot for Mariah Carey I would imagine that would make your list. It would make mine, anyway. This day helps us not only to laugh at ourselves, but to realize that maybe we're not as lame as we think, because a lot of people are finding characteristics of their own showing up on other peoples' lists. Or something like that. Also, it allows us to point at each other and laugh. Let the pointing begin.

1. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this even here. I collect Sunfire Romance books. Avidly. I loved them in junior high, and I like to say I'm collecting them for future daughters (and I am, because they're historical and clean), but the truth is that I default to them whenever I want to read but I'm too tired to follow a plot.

2. Along the same lines, I've read the Christy Miller books repeatedly. They're pretty badly written (the main guy is usually described as having "screaming silver-blue eyes"), but there it is. They're set in Newport Beach, and I'm a sucker for books set in places I love.

3. I give out fake names at Starbucks when I order coffee. Clint got me started on this. It's usually just funny, but I go to the same Starbucks every Wednesday and Sunday, and not only do the people there know my drink (grande caramel mocha), they also know that my name is Stella and routinely yell "Stella!" at me in their best Marlon Brando imitations. And I can't use my ATM card there, because it would reveal to them that my name is really Kristin. And then I'd feel really dumb.

4. In the personal "selling out" category: I've given in to those stupid pseudo-Italian size designations at Starbucks and actually order talls, grandes, and ventis. I'm totally ashamed of myself for this. I swore I'd never do it.

5. I saw Titanic in the theater 13 times. THIRTEEN TIMES! That's roughly $110 and 45 hours of my life spent on one movie. And then I bought it on video.

6. I will do almost anything for macaroni and cheese and will eat it cold. I've also been known to eat spaghettios straight out of the can.

7. I read Harry Potter fan fiction. I dare any one of you to tell me that's not the lamest thing you've EVER heard anyone admit.

8. I sing out loud LOUDLY to Beastie Boys and Sublime songs. I act all gangsta-tough when I'm really just a little white girl from the OC.

9. Even though I'm not superstitious, I have this thing about fortune cookies. I love them, and I won't read the fortune until I've eaten half of the cookie. It's an old thing my friend Joy started in highschool, saying the fortune won't come true unless you do it this way, and I can't break myself of the habit.

10. I watched Little House on the Prairie on DVD today. The episode where Mary goes blind. And I actually got a lump in my throat watching Pa Ingalls cry and listening to the sappy, dramatic 70s violin music.

There. That's enough lameness for this year.


Barbara said...

I already knew most of this, but that didn't stop me from laughing. I didn't point, though. (And I'm proud to say that I saw Titanic in the theater with you one of those 13 times.)

Clint said...

I love giving fake names for waiting lists or any other time someone wants to know my name for no real reason. It entertains me.

Of course, now I'll always call you Stella... In fact, I'm changing it in my cell phone right now.

Kristy said...

Yay! My master plan is to have everyone I know calling me Stella, and soon no one will remember that I once had another name.

Barbara, thank you for sharing the Titanic love with me. Wasn't it special? Don't you just love Kate and Leo? I like that they showed up in Love, Actually. Another of my favorite movies.

the cowells said...

Power to the Christy Miller fans! I actually had to leave them at my parents' house when I got married, so I wouldn't be tempted...

Kristy said...

Ha ha! You can feel free to come over and borrow mine whenever you feel like it. I have both the highschool years AND the college years!

Barbara said...

Hey...I just checked out that link you put up for the Sunfire books, and noticed that Willo Davis Roberts wrote several. She was one of my favorite childhood authors. She wrote The Girl with the Silver Eyes!! Good stuff there. Nothing to be ashamed of!

Kristy said...

Yeah, The Girl With the Silver Eyes thing is what I use to justify it, because Willo Davis Roberts is actually a really good writer. Of hers, I've only read Caroline, and it's better than a lot of the other ones, though the premise is pretty unrealistic. Really, could a girl keep the fact that she's really a girl (not the young boy she's pretending to be) a secret while traveling with a man on the Oregon Trail for 8 months? Unless the guy was unusually stupid, I think not.

Barbara said...

(Insert requisite "boys are stupid" comment here: ___________)

I was just thinking about your #9 on fortune cookies, and realized that I've picked up your paper straw wrapper habit. You know, tying it in a knot and seeing if it tears before the knot ties...to see if someone's thinking about me! Is that lame?

Kristy said...

Ah yes, the straw paper tying. Another bad habit that I picked up from Joy. She's just full of them! And I get to see her tonight!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I go to Starbucks I order a "medium vanilla slurpee". I call it that because it is a medium vanilla slurpee. Nothing more. Nothing less. Steve