Summertime (almost), and the livin' is easy...

Judah is taking a nap. While this is not an unusual occurance around our house these days, the almost four hours he's been asleep today is. I'm usually lucky if I get an hour and a half out of him. He's been cranky and miserable all day today, so I guess he really needed the sleep! Here's what I've gotten done in the last four hours:
1. Wrote a reply to Barbara about yucky people
2. Talked to Christi about how she's NOT pregnant...
3. Emptied the dishwasher
4. Loaded the dishwasher
5. Ate 2 mini Cadbury eggs
6. Thought about sweeping the kitchen floor
7. Checked on Judah to make sure he's still alive
8. Played an unspeakable number of rounds of minesweeper
9. Decided it's time to update my blog

So here I am. It's been a little crazy around here lately. That was mostly because of my decision to take part in our church's Easter play again this year. Every year during rehearsals I moan and groan and tell Nathan to remind me never to do this again, but then every year during the performance I realize it's been worth all the work and it's a really great experience. I didn't have a speaking part, I was just part of the choir. My moment in the spotlight was when I took my mom to Jesus so that he could heal her leprous hands. For the rest of the play I just sang and walked around, and during the market scenes I got to "buy" stuff, so I spent a while chasing down my favorite piece of prop bread (a round flat loaf with a bite taken out of it) and hoping that the audience wouldn't notice that all the bread we were using was leavened, when it was supposed to be the Passover. Hole in the plot. So the play went off with very few hitches on Easter, and now the crazy rehearsal schedule is done.

In the middle of it all, Nathan and I managed to get to our first baseball game of the season, which means it's officially summer, no matter what the calendar says. It was an Angels game, and fun even though we lost to the Rangers 11-3. We also had one of our all-too-infrequent date nights and went to Stubriks. Stubriks! It was so good. I hadn't been there in so long. We ate steak and squaw bread and mashed potatoes and chatted with our favorite waitress, Daphne, who is still working there. (On a side note, I always loved Daphne because she never seemed to want me to pay for my own meal. She always put my food on someone else's bill, and seemed to know when to go from having Scott pay it to having Clint pay it to having Nathan pay it. Thanks for all the food, Clint. I totally owe you.) After dinner we went to see a movie, and I talked Nathan into seeing She's the Man. It totally sucked, and now he gets to choose the movies from now to eternity. In my defense, I honestly thought it would be good because it's based on a Shakespeare play. Ten Things I Hate About You was good....She's the Man was in a different league. The bottom one.

In Judah news....I think I forgot to mention that he turned one! Such a big boy. He's definitely learning things fast these days. He has a whole bag full of tricks: when asked to he will make funny noises with his tongue, "roar," bonk your head with his, hold his arms up to indicate how big he is, do a muscle man pose when asked how strong he is, and clap his hands when we say "Yay!" For those of you who don't have kids yet, some day you will realize that these things are the most important things in the world and your child must be a genius. Just two days ago Judah finally learnned how to feed himself, and yesterday he took his very first steps. Exciting! Oh, and he can say kitty.

That's about it for now.....you're all caught up! And Judah's finally awake, so I'm signing off.

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Clint said...

You DO owe me! Daphne was cool though. I remember Sparky always wishing he could date her.

If you want to see a cool movie, go see Thank You for Smoking. Very funny. Very good. Jess and I really enjoyed it.