Diet Coke wishes and pizza dreams

Nathan and I are big pizza eaters. We moved to our current apartment solely because it's right across the street from Papa John's. We like to order it with pepperoni and extra cheese, and then dip it in that yummy garlic sauce they give you. Usually we eat pizza when it's gotten really late and we realize that we haven't gotten around to eating dinner yet, so we end up eating around ten or later, and then we pretty much go straight to bed. And then when we wake up in the morning we have the horrible pizza thirst, and we've been dreaming pizza dreams all night. You know, the kind of dreams where you have to build a space shuttle with your fourth grade PE teacher. The other day I had pizza for lunch, so the pizza dreams weren't that bad. But I did dream that our pastor and his wife had their baby (she's due Saturday) and named her Edmonton Juliette. In my dream I said to someone, "So, I guess they're calling her Juliette?" and the person said, "Nope, their calling her Eddie." I think it's kinda cute, don't you?

PS: The only thing that can quench the pizza thirst is diet coke. Lots of it.

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