Just wondering

According to JK Rowling's website, today (June 5th, since the date has already changed in England) is Draco Malfoy's birthday. Why would she make it just one day off from the ominous date of 6/6/06? Yes, I know that it's not 2006 in the books. But she would know that it would eventually fall on that date if she'd made it June 6th. Is this a clue, that he's just shy of being totally evil? Will June 6th be someone else's birthday? Do you think I have way too much time on my hands? I really don't, it's just that this is about as deep as I can think at the end of an especially long weekend, after dealing with a child who wants to live exclusively on yogurt and pink lemonade.

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Clint said...

I think you're reading too much into it.