And now back to your regularly scheduled griping

My thankful, optimistic, philanthropic attitude lasted exactly four and a half days.

Remember how I said that I was thankful we are still renting? It has its upsides. But then. Then there are the community laundry rooms. Twelve washing machines, 240 people. At least. And don't we all know, that in community laundry rooms, posession is 100% of the law? If there's laundry in the machine, you don't touch it. Even if it's been sitting there for three days. No matter how mad it makes you. I respect the law, and I expect everyone else to. Unless there's a posted rule about how if it's been there for a certain amount of time, anyone can move it. I'm all for this rule, but it doesn't exist in our laundry rooms.

So I went down there today to move over my two loads of laundry. I was maybe 15 minutes late. I checked my washers, and they were full of someone else's stuff. My soaking wet laundry was sitting on top of two dryers, and not even two empty dryers. It made me furious. I kicked some things. Bad Kristy came out, and I contemplated opening the tops of my two erst-while washing machines so that they'd stop washing and the person who committed the crime would return to find their laundry not even halfway done. But my better self returned, and I left it alone, and waited for the girl to come back when her laundry was done. I asked her why she'd done it, she defended herself with the clever line, "Well, this is a public laundry room." Yeah.

I guess "public" means you check common courtesy at the door. Even in Yorba Linda.


Barbara said...

I always figure it's acceptable to move DRY laundry out of a dryer, but not soaking wet laundry!! But what do I know, the only times I had to deal with "public" laundry rooms were in the dorms at Biola and for the 8 months or so after I moved up here.

Anonymous said...

If it's a public laundry, then they can fold your clothes, too.