Counting away

It's November. I'm not sure what the date is, but I know it's November. And that means it should be at least a little, tiny bit cool here. But no. Today it was 90 degrees by 11:00, and then it got hotter. I'm feeling a little cheated. But there were a lot of good things today, so I'm counting my blessings. Here are the little things that made me smile today.

I was listening to Kevin and Bean this morning (in and of itself a good thing) when they took a break from their relentless schedule of All Red Hot Chili Peppers All The Time to play the new U2 single Window in the Sky. It was so awesome, so classic U2, and it made me so happy. And I count myself lucky to have heard it before KROQ pulled it from the playlist hours later. It seems they'd jumped the gun again and played it before they were legally allowed to. I should've known it was too good to be true, but I'm glad I heard it once.

Judah tried to enlist today. In the Army. I'm smiling because he was rejected. He didn't have any ID on him to prove he was 18. But he did try. He ran right up to the Army table at Biola and made friends with the soldiers, who gave him a sticker and a bracelet and told him to call them in 16 years.

I'm insured! You have no idea how much this excites me. For a full year I was un-insurable (is that a word?) because I dared to treat my post-partum depression and get healed. But when I got home from lunch there was a message from our insurance agent saying I'd been approved! So happy. Now I can contract that new trendy disease I've been wanting to check out.

Barbara posted pictures on her blog today of us at the Hollywood Bowl years ago. I can't actually see the pictures for some reason, but I know exactly which ones they are. And they bring back SO MANY good memories. I could write pages and pages about our Hollywood Bowl adventures over the years. Written into the contract of our friendship is a clause that says we have to go there together at least once every summer. And there must always be green olives.

I made a friendship bracelet today. I haven't made one since I was 14, and it was awesome. There's something about the repetitiveness of tying endless knots that calms the brain.

The second disc of The Thorn Birds was in my mailbox today. Yes, Mom, I know it's a horrible story about people who have turned their backs on God, but it's still good drama. Good 80s drama, that is.

And finally: tonight at 7-11 I found the new Hershey's bar that's the extra dark chocolate, 65% cacao. Pure heaven.


Barbara said...

I'm sorry I'm breaking the contract next year! I suck! Maybe you can come to South Africa and we can go see the penguins.

And you really couldn't see the pictures? Sadness!

Kristy said...

Penguins? Sweet. I don't think we'll make SA, though...Nathan's pulling for a trip to Scotland sometime at the beginning of 2008 or so, and I think that'll be our big trip for the time being. But I would love to go there sometime.

I can see the pictures now. I think Blogger was acting up or something.