Things you don't want to hear from the backseat

The other day Judah and I drove home from somewhere and pulled into our garage. I got out and then opened the door to the backseat to get Judah. He was touching his nose, and as I reached for him he held out his hands, which looked suspiciously shiny. Then he looked me straight in the eye and said:
"Nose. Fingers. Sticky."

But also exciting, because that's the closest he's come to forming a sentence on his own. He talks in sentences sometimes, but they're only ones that we say all the time, like Where'd it go? and Who is it? But he's starting to be pretty funny, so get ready, y'all. The stories are coming. Today Judah was watching a DVD and sitting on the couch, and he suddenly waved at the screen and said, "Bye bye train! I love you, train!" Aww.


Wendy said...

I've been presented many a golden nugget on the end of a chubby little finger in my day. At first it's like, "Oh, what are you bringing m....? ewwww!!!"

the cowells said...

Here's one for you... Eszter, we don't eat boogers, boogers are yucky. "No mommy, they're salty"