Fair enough for another year

On Thursday afternoon we set out for our annual trip to the Orange County Fair. Judah was so excited, he'd been talking about going on the Ferris wheel practically since last summer. And from the moment we set foot inside the fair he almost never stopped asking if it was time to go on the Ferris wheel. Now? Can we do it now? How about now? So funny. But we wanted to wait for Jeff and Heather before we went on it, so we did a bunch of other stuff first. Judah spotted these tractors and spent some time playing around on them.
He didn't necessarily want to sit on the back of this oil drum steer, but we talked him into it and he stayed there just long enough to have his picture taken.
I loved that the theme of the fair this year was cheese, because I'm a big fan of cheese. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough specialty cheese food around for my taste. Remember the year the theme was avocados and it seemed like every food booth had a different way of preparing avocados? Not so with the cheese. The only special thing I saw was funnel cake with cream cheese frosting, and I didn't notice that until (sadly) after we ordered our funnel cake with powdered sugar. My favorite thing about the fair is always the food, and this year I indulged in funnel cake, cheesecake on a stick, french fries, and a half pound hot dog that was SO good! It was even better because we got to watch a team of Peking acrobats while we ate.
Micah spent most of the day in his stroller, kicking back with his thumb in his mouth, taking it all in. I felt bad for him, just sitting there, but it didn't seem to bother him. He got out to enjoy this car for a while, until Judah came over and demanded to drive.
Judah was fascinated by all the snakes in the reptile area. They were some of the biggest snakes I've ever seen. We wanted to have his picture taken with the albino python, but they were charging $8.50 so we skipped it.
Micah loved waiting in line for the Ferris wheel......
and that's the first place we went after we met up with Jeff and Heather. Aren't they cute? :)
Finally, the Ferris wheel! Judah loved it. He's so brave, he stands up on the seats the whole time and watches all that's going on below us. From the top he spotted a roller coaster he said he'd want to go on. When the ride ended we headed for the roller coaster, only to find that Judah's not quite tall enough yet.
So we found one that was more his speed. We were betting he would bail when he was supposed to get on, but he didn't! And then he laughed all through the ride.
Judah met up with a clown who had his favorite thing: bubbles! We spent a while watching Jude chase the bubbles, then went and found the segmented bowl that Ken entered in the wood turning competition. It won first place! And a bunch of other stuff. After that we picked up our dinner, sat and ate while the acrobats bent themselves into unnatural shapes, then headed out while Judah waved goodbye to the Ferris wheel until next year.


Riva said...

I TOTALLY agree with you that there was not enough cheese at the fair. You're right, the avocado year, there was stuff EVERYWHERE! You were lucky to find anything cheese related until you went to the 600 pound block of carved cheese and then, who's going to eat that?? We should write in a complaint: If the fair is about cheese, provide a wealth of cheese for the fairgoers.

Kristy said...

Seriously! And that block of cheese.....looked a little nasty. Plus, 2.5 million calories. I'm not really up for that....

Cara said...

AMEN girls. I'm a cheese fanatic and there definitely wasn't enough gooey goodness with that stuff there. You guys saw way more than we did - maybe because half the world was there when we were..**roll eyes** Your boys are getting so big!! You look fantastic!