Checked out Barbara's blog the other day (barbaraj.blogspot.com, in case there's anyone but Barbara reading this!) and found the link to the page that will assign you a horribly British name. And found that there are many other types of new names you can get for yourself on that site as well!! Since I have probably the second most common name for girls my age (beaten out only by Jen), I'm always looking for something more original. Here, for your amusement, are all my new names!

My horribly British name: Daisy Callaghan
My hippie name: Aquamarine Jolly or Heart Birchwood
My fairy name: Daisy Pollen Flower
My fluffy kitty name: Samantha Merryweather
My pub name: The Ratty Alcohol
My goth name: Flirting with Suicide
My Monty Python name: Killer Throatwarbler
And for good measure, my Wu-name: Ungrateful Ninja

I'm slightly disturbed that the name Daisy turned up twice on the list. Are they trying to tell me something? And wasn't Daisy Callahan one of the main characters in The Great Gatsby? Anyway, watch out for these names, as I may be publishing under them soon. Right. Oh, and by the way: Barbara's fairy name is Marzipan Silvery Nightingale. I'm jealous!

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