Time Warp

Yesterday afternoon Dave called me at work to see if I wanted to go to a Rotary Club banquet with him. Since I love hanging out with my brothers, I of course said yes and happily ditched choir practice to join him. The banquet was particularly interesting to me because it was held at my old highschool in honor of the top ten students in each grade. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Some of the highlights of my evening:

The introduction: The Rotary Club president introduced me to the entire crowd of about 200 as Dave's wife. Dave was quick to correct him.

The job offer: The woman to my left at dinner told me to consider working at Smith Barney with her, should I ever tire of my American Funds job. Where do I apply?

The former teacher: Mr. Biggs. Freshman year history. Suffered at the hands of my friend Gina in a Lolita-esque way when she developed an obvious crush on him our sophomore year. Woke up to find his house covered in tortillas one morning after Gina and Elisa and I got bored one night. Dated Gina for four years beginning the fall after we graduated. Seemed a little embarrassed to see me last night. I wonder why?

The former classmate: Rico. The screw-up of AP English and the boy we all picked on and loved, he now teaches honors English at our lovely alma mater. How did this happen? How did Rico become a grown up with wise and witty things to say about his students? Weird....

The babies that grew up: Among the honorees in the freshman class was a set of twins. I babysat them when they were newborns. I was thirteen. What was their mother thinking? Anyway, they were there looking cool and smart.

And then the icing on the cake came as we were leaving for the night. Dave walked me to my car and then I drove him around to the front of the school to his car. We were talking and laughing about our memories of dear old Whittier Christian. We said goodnight and both drove off. Dave called my cell phone a minute later. I turned my music down so I could hear him as he said, "You know what the best part is? My CD player is playing the same music it was when I drove out of that parking lot 15 years ago." U2, naturally. The Joshua Tree album. I laughed at Dave and thought, "What a weirdo!" We hung up and I turned my radio back up, only to realize.....same story here! The Cure's "Halo." Fell in love with it in highschool. I guess we're both weirdos.....