City of my dreams

"I love the rhythm of London. I love how the city just feels like one big heartbeat. I love how I can never feel lost here. I love knowing my way around, and I love how I always feel safe. I'm just completely, head-over-heels in love with London. I'll always dream about this city..."
~From my journal, July 8 1995

Ten years ago today I was in London, busy falling in love with the city. I was only there for two weeks, but they were the most intense weeks of my life. They were challenging and fun and crazy and stretching and scary and eye-opening. I would still count London as my favorite city in the world. I have such good memories of the places and the people. I woke up this morning to Nathan's radio alarm, and the news of the London bombings was the first thing I heard today. I still can't quite believe it. There aren't adequate words to express my sadness and anger. Pray for the people of London, the families of the dead and injured, and for the leaders. I fear that there are harder times ahead.

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