Double the pleasure, triple the fun

Josiah David (left) and Sophia Grace (right) were born to Brian and Ashlee yesterday evening in Phoenix. They are both healthy and doing well - I got to hear one of them crying on the phone! Aren't they cute? He is my first nephew, she is my eighth niece. You can read more details about them and see more pictures here. Welcome to the world, kiddos!


Wendy said...

Wow...I think that's the first non-c-sec set of healthy twins I have heard of in a LOOOONG time. Way to go! They are cute. And Josiah is a good name (it was the name we had picked for a boy!)

Kristy said...

Pretty amazing, huh? Ash had the best of medical care. The hospital they were delivered in specializes in multiple births (I think) and has something like the third highest rate of multiple births in the country. So they're good at what they do.