From then til now - already

Minutes old, and I was already totally in love with him.
It seems like Micah's life has already gone so fast. He was four months old last week, and I can hardly believe it! It seems like he was just born, and already he's so big and old. A few weeks ago he began sleeping through the night. And by through the night I don't mean how the books define it, which I think is like five hours. Sorry, but that is NO ONE'S through the night. Micah was going literally all the way through, from 8:00 to 8:00, and then going back for a nap from about 8:30 to 10:00. It was like heaven. Or Iowa. He's only done that a few times so far, but even the other nights he's done really well, waking up anywhere between 3:00 and 5:30 to eat once, then going back down until about 7:30. I think he even would have done this sooner, but I was scared to try putting him in his own crib and still had him sleeping in our bed (I swore I'd never do that, but then I discovered that I could actually get enough sleep to allow me to function if I did it that way). I thought if we moved him to the crib he'd be up every two hours. Instead, it seems like he was almost relieved to be on his own.

The day he turned four months old he rolled over from his back to his front, and now he does it all the time and it's so cute. He props himself up on his elbows and looks around and smiles at everyone. And this week we're supposed to start him on solid food already! I just can't believe it's gone so fast. I feel like I'm going to turn away for a second and when I look back he'll be in first grade.

Here's a short visual history of his short/long life.

Less than an hour old, Labor Day (in more ways than one) 2007.

With Gramma Cowell for the first time, looking very wise already.

A few days old and mad at the world. Or possibly screaming at the paparazzi that he's NOT anorexic, so KNOCK IT OFF.

Tummy time! Also known as faceplant time. Which is what happened shortly after this picture was taken.

Sporting his bling a couple weeks ago. Napkin rings aren't just for napkins anymore, not at our house, anyway.

Best buds. Judah "read" that book to Micah several times and Micah loved it.


ashlee said...

speaking of missing you guys... I miss seeing you all and taking our walks and seeing the boys grow.

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Anonymous said...

Aren't those the same bracelets that Wonderwoman would use to fend off the bullets?