The Pajama Game

Judah gets up around 7:00 every morning, and this is a little bit early for my taste, especially since Micah is still waking up to eat twice a night, or sometimes three times. So I usually open the gate at the top of the stairs when Judah gets up and he goes downstairs and plays with his toys for a while. He generally stays in the front room, and I can hear him through my sleep fog, playing with his race track, or with his Lightning McQueen car that says "Speed! I am speed!" or with his car that plays Heard It Through the Grapevine. Or with any of his approximately eight thousand Matchbox cars. A few weeks ago he learned (or was taught) that he could put his cars down the neck of his footy pajamas and they'd wind up down around his ankles, trapped by the feet. So now, every couple mornings, he thinks it's the funniest thing in the world and comes clanking into our room at 7:30, asking me to "Get the cars out, Mommy?" The picture above is a sample of what all I pull out of there. A week ago I pulled out a grand total of seventeen cars (a record, I think). Yesterday he came into our room and I found around his ankles all of his "sparkly" cars, the ones with metallic paint. The kid's got style, at least.

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