Guess who found the Sharpie?

My fault totally. I left it at toddler-level, and of course the toddler took advantage of it, as any self-respecting toddler would. So now Lightning, Mater, a storage box, and the chair in Micah's room have permanent tattoos. I'm actually pretty glad that it wasn't worse. Looks like Lightning needed a new coat of paint anyway. There's a lot of wear on the old one.

A little while after the Sharpie incident there was another incident, though. Again, my fault. Somehow the words "only draw on paper" don't compute with Judah. We (I) gave him a dry erase board in his stocking with a dry erase pen. While my back was turned he used the pen to tag up: the desk top, four miniature cars, the couch, his booster seat, the top of our beautiful table that Nathan made, Nathan's leather briefcase, and a large section of the wall which is, of course, painted with flat white paint, which violates that commandment that every parent knows: Never Use Flat Paint, For It Is Flat And Hard To Clean and Thou Shalt Spend Hours On Thy Knees Cleaning It If a Marker Should Mar It. Which I did. Okay, not hours. It totally could have been worse. But I spent quite a while, cleaning in shame. Nathan, bless his heart, helped me, even though he could have rightfully sat back and watched, since the marker was all my (horrible) idea in the first place. Lesson learned.


ashlee said...

huh, weren't we just talking about this? Somehow I'm sure I'll be the next to find it...

Cara Hill said...

Would that dry erase combo happen to come from Target and be of the "Cars" variety? I got Ethan one, too, and panic every time Austin gets ahold of it. It was my idea too. Don't we love our budding artists? HA! BTW, you look GREAT!! And your kids are adorable. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog! We need to get together soon.

Riva said...

I've had a sharpie disaster in my house too. However, it just managed to get all over the couch and couch cushions. Whoever makes an eraser that takes out Sharpie would be a millionaire and would have my utmost appreciation. You do look great, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristy, how sad. Okay, take nail polish remover and that WILL take off the sharpie stuff. But I would only use it on the cars, etc. It can take off paint too. You might want to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It's worked on Leah's crayon drawings.