Because Riva wants to know

1. What was I doing ten years ago today?
If I wasn't so lazy I'd go grab my journal from 1998 and tell you EXACTLY what I was doing. But I am, so I'll approximate. I had just graduated from Biola with a BA in English Literature and was freaking out about what I was going to do with my life. I was still working in graduate admissions, doing my best to fly under the radar, since technically it was a student position and I was no longer a student. I was finishing out my degree by taking a summer course of California History, which turned out to be one of my favorite classes of my college career. I had just met and was dating an extremely unsuitable guy. I was about to turn 22, and getting ready to road trip up to central California to be the maid of honor in my friend Miriam's wedding. AND after that I was going on a trip to San Carlos with my parents and Steve and Arla and Arla's family. It was a pretty busy summer.

2. Five things on my to do list today?

Day's done, but here's what I did today:

Went to Babies R Us, had lunch with my parents, helped coordinate a wedding, went grocery shopping, gave Micah a bath and put him to bed.

3. Things I would do if I were a millionaire?

Buy a private island. Buy everyone in my family neighboring islands. Buy a whole bunch of boats to go back and forth. Buy another island nearby and put up a mall where the only stores would be Borders (for me), Turners (for Nathan), Home Depot (for my dad), a Ruby's (on a pier, for my mom), Golfer's Paradise (for Dave), Williams-Sonoma (for Julie), Jack's Surf Boards (for Steve), Cost Plus (for Arla), Rockler (for Ken), Trader Joe's (for Elly), Fry's (for John), Tall Mouse (for Jenna), Tilly's (for Brian), the Orange Antique Mall (for Ashlee), Brooklyn Pizza (for Jeff, who also gets a really good internet connection for all his Craigs List stuff), and Joanne's (for Heather). 4. Snacks I enjoy?

Chips and salsa, olives, really dark chocolate, Little Debbie's oatmeal sandwich cookies, Campitelli's cookies, salami, Baby Bel cheese, ice cream, popcorn.....

5. Places I've lived?

Lots of cities in Orange County, with two brief ventures out from behind the Orange Curtain to live in La Mirada and Uptown Whittier.


Riva said...

thanks Kris! OOO, your chips and salsa look good. I like that too but the only problem is that I have to have tons of salt on the chips which is why I refrain from eating them a lot. Can I come to your island when you buy it?

Kristy said...

Absolutely! I forgot to put that I'm buying another island to be used strictly for the purposes of "Mom Retreats." Any moms can come whenever they want. :)