My little Olympian

Judah took part in his very first VBS this week. He went last year too, but spent most of his time in the nursery. This year's VBS was Olympic themed, and he was on team Great Britain (yeah!) with about 25 other three-year-olds. They started the mornings in the "big church" with the entire group of kids, all from his age to about twelve years old. Then they split off into their own chapel time, then got to do sports and crafts and story time. I wasn't around for any but the early part, but from what I hear Judah had a great time and was really good at the sports, and especially at running hurdles! Who knew? He even won a medal, as you can see above (actually they all won medals....it's like that when they're three, you know?), and displays it proudly.
He had a little bit of a hard time getting used to a new routine, but he eventually adjusted. Nathan took him yesterday morning since I was sick and followed him around with the camera a little. He took the rest of these pictures. Judah is in this one if you look hard enough....see the kid lying on the ground? Yeah, that's mine.
Yesterday was water day, and Judah loved playing in the pool and getting all wet, as all kids do.
I'm not sure what the logic was, but water day was also sidewalk chalk day. Maybe because the water was already there to clean the chalk up? I always like the mix though because the water makes the colors so much more vivid.
Every day there was some kind of craft that involved sticking sports stickers on something (big felt hand, picture frame, etc.) and usually the craft was all taken apart by the time we got home and Judah was sticking the stickers all over himself. This arrangement was particularly funny, I thought. He looks like some kind of mutant bug...

Today was the last day, and I stuck around a little bit longer to watch. At the beginning our children's leaders (Teri and Becca, who are incredible) had all the kids go up on stage to sing some songs and practice for a performance on Sunday. Going up on stage is the joy of Judah's life right now, so he ran up and got right in the front row. But he didn't sing, oh no. He jumped around like the world's littlest mosher, sat on the ground for a while, then turned around backwards and watched all the other kids sing. I sat and watched him go crazy while all the other kids in his class just stood there quietly, not singing, but not messing around either. Will it always be like this? Is my kid the one other mothers will look at and be all, "At least my kid's not as crazy as Judah"? Oh well, at least he's having a really good time.

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