Back in the game!

Ah, the smell of a computer fresh out of the box.

Beats a poopy diaper any day.

So guess what?!? He's here! Judah Donald was born on March 21 at 10:41 pm. I went into the hospital for tests that morning, and the doctor didn't like the results of the AFI, so they decided to induce labor that afternoon beginning at three. And after just about 8 hours of labor, Judah showed up! I hear that I'm lucky, and that 8 hours isn't that long. But I say it's long enough, thank you very much. I also vow never to tell horror stories to anyone. It's just mean, and besides, you really do forget the pain. I never believed anyone that said that, but it's true. I think the worst part of the whole experience was the stupid anesthesiologist (sp?) who kept trying to ask me questions while he was giving me the epidural. I was exerting all my energy just to keep breathing at that point, and he wants to know if it's a boy or a girl?!? What's it to him?! Even Nathan almost yelled at him. But at least he knew what he was doing and didn't paralyse me or anything.

Life is a strange, strange thing lately. I had no idea how much things would change. There's no way to see it coming. Right now it's just a lot of work and a lot of frustration because I don't know what Judah wants and a lot of fear of doing the wrong thing. Plus, someone told me that when you're pregnant you have 7000 percent more estrogen in your body, and now mine's trying to get rid of it all. So that's a lot of fun too.

Anyway, Judah is precious, and I know that things will get easier once I figure out what I'm doing. Nathan is, as always, my rock, and I would be in the nut house by now if it weren't for him. My friends, please pray for us when you think of it. We need it!

Oh and by the way, I will try not to focus my whole blog around baby stories! Unless they're funny ones. Like this. I have to just tell this one really fast. I was feeding Judah this morning and he was trying to eat even though he had the hiccups. Since the extra pressure couldn't come out of his mouth, it began coming out of other places. So it sounded like this: suck, hiccup, fart, burp. Nathan and I were dying! And poor Judah couldn't figure out what was happening.

Anyway, enough for now. I'm going to check the news and see what's happening in the world outside.....

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