Concert Story #1

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Okay, not a very interesting story, but still. My first Cure concert. It was the summer of 1996, and we had bought tickets to see the Cure at the Forum. I think it was July or August, and it was an extremely hot day. We were all just going about our business as usual when suddenly all the lights and everything went out. We thought it was maybe just a blown transformer on our block, but we soon found out that it was almost the ENTIRE west coast. I can't remember what exactly happened, but all of southern California and parts of northern CA and Washington and Oregon were out. Of course I cared about nothing but the concert, and I frantically called the Forum to make sure the show was still on. It was - they have their own generators and stuff. Anyway, the lights were back on before the show and everything was back to normal. The show was great, even though we had nosebleed seats and could hardly see the stage. But still, my first Cure experience! And the least exciting. I'll save the other stories for later...

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