The end of our history-making status

For a little while Nathan and I were the first and only white trash family in Yorba Linda.

We moved into this apartment just about four months ago now. I was 8 months pregnant and unable to do any heavy lifting or fast moving, so I spent the day mostly directing traffic and providing food and drinks. I was dreading having to unpack and put everything away and I was wondering how to handle it all, so of course something else happened. About two days before the move our refrigerator broke. And it was the best fridge ever. Nathan bought it eight years ago for $50 and it was awesome. It kept things at just about a perfect 33 degrees. So it broke and we weren't sure what to do with it at the moment, so we moved it to our new place. But since it was leaking water all over the place from the freezer we didn't want to keep it inside. So, yes, I hate to admit it, but we put it in our backyard.

So for four months now we've looked out our sliding glass door straight at the back of the fridge. Because we've been too preoccupied and tired to do anything about it. It became a joke. Several weeks ago I brought home a plant I'd won at a church event, and Nathan put it on top of the fridge. And then, then we had the birthday party last Sunday and we were left with an ice chest full of drinks at the end. So we put the ice chest in the backyard next to the fridge, and went outside periodically to get drinks from it. I'm sure at that point someone started circulating a petition to have us evicted. I really wanted to get a goat to keep back there as well, and Nathan wanted to tip the fridge over and use it as a planter. We also wanted to tip it over and fill it with water and get our nieces over here to play in it.

But we didn't. Today Nathan borrowed his dad's stake bed truck and a dolly and carted the fridge out. As our last act of white trash-ness we drove up to the dump and ditched it there. We noticed that in one part of the dump they'd planted a pumpkin vine that had hundreds of pumpkins on it. Nathan called them dumpkins. I wanted to pick one, but Nathan wouldn't let me. I guess we're not THAT white trash.

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