Yorba Linda: Land of Gracious Living (and insufferable yuppies)

A conversation heard in the express line at the grocery store tonight:

Woman 1: Did you see my husband's new toy?
Woman 2: Yeah, he drove it by the other night.
Woman 1: Pretty nice, huh? He loves it.
Woman 2: Yeah. Where are you keeping it? Outside?
Woman 1: No, we have the five classics in the garage, and my Mercedes and his truck stay outside.
Woman 2: Oh. I finally got rid of my beemer.
Woman 1: Really? What are you driving now?
Woman 2: I got an XJ8.
Woman 1: That's a Jag, right? Do you like it?
Woman 2: Yeah, I love it.
Woman 1: That's great!
Kristy: (And this is where I live....)


Anonymous said...

That's why we had to move out of YL and into LH. YL was too whitebread for us.


Kristy said...

Yeah, I bet it's nice to be back home in the ghetto where we grew up.

Atlas said...

I happen to be an insufferable yuppie in YL and I'm extremely offended at your blog, but I read it anyway... It's like a train wreck. Can't look away.