Moose tracks or vanilla?

Currently listening to: Toad the Wet Sprocket's "In Light Syrup" album

We have ice cream in the freezer. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. In celebration of the ice cream, here is a list of things that never fail to make me feel happy.

Sunny days
Muscle cars
MXC on Spike TV
Hearing Payasa say "Num num num" while she drinks from the faucet (seriously)
Being married to a chiropractor
Hearing Judah say "Ooooohhhh" (especially if he ends it with a raspberry)
Chocolate cereal
Fanny Flagg books
My charm bracelet
My family
A warm bed on a cold night
Toe socks
The Duck Mafia at East Lake Village
Tomato soup with cheese in it
Family slide shows
Hanging out with Nathan
A hot bath and a good book
Red wine
Driving with the top down
The feeling between awake and asleep
The Basil and Josephine stories
Bare feet and hot concrete
Seeing my old cat Corduroy's smooshy face and owl eyes
Planting my new garden
Swimming in the ocean
Smells that have good memories attached to them
Dinner at Roy's or Trastavere
Planning our 4th anniversary getaway (England! Ireland!)
Dreaming up impossible schemes

And speaking of.... do any of you know where I can find fireflies to import to Southern California? I haven't been able to find a site online where I can order them. I could get some giant African rhinoceros beetles if I wanted, but no fireflies! My brother and I are working on Project Gatsby and trying to get some for his backyard. If you know where we can order some, or if you live where there are some and you can send them to us, let me know! Because I think if I could go to my brother's house and hang out with the fireflies on summer nights I'd probably be happy forever......


Barbara said...

Moose tracks, no contest.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, B.