Happy Birthday, Dave!

Um, one day late. Sorry about that.

I think Dave missed his calling, maybe. When I think about growing up with Dave two things come to mind immediately. The first is his fabulous Lego creations. Dave was forever building, and some of his structures were really cool. I remember one time he built this really elaborate old-fashioned car, with a chauffer in a little cap and everything. I preserved that car and tried to build additions to it for a long time. But I kept breaking it, and had to beg Dave to repair it all the time. The other thing I think of is Dave's art. He drew the most wonderful pictures, many of them to go along with stories he'd written (in perfect handwriting) for school. So I'm wondering if maybe Dave should have been an artist instead of a financial planner. But maybe that's just a different kind of art.

To Dave, one of the most talented, creative, patient, funny, thoughtful people I know. You have so much to offer, and you deserve the very best. Happy birthday. I love you.

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