Happy Birthday, John!

John just dropped Naomi off for the afternoon, and I was reminded that today is his birthday. So here we go again.... Do you understand now what Nathan and I have to deal with in the present-buying department at this time of year? It's completely out of control. If we ever have a kid between September and December we're lying to it and telling it that it's birthday is in April.

John is married to Nathan's sister Jenna. Strange story, though. He's from Texas and came here for college, and I met him long before Jenna or anyone else in her family did. I think I was 14 when we met. And before John ever came here he talked to my mom in the music department at Biola, since he was going to be a voice major. John and I ended up singing together in a youth choir when he got here, back when he had really big hair. Feathery, too. :) John says he always knew that he'd be connected to my family forever somehow, and now here we are. Married to siblings. Ain't it a small world? Hey John: Yant to grab some coffee sometime? I'll wear my toboggan. (Those last sentences were in Texan, for those of you that don't speak it.) Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

First of all... John will never say "Hey Kristy, yant to go have coffee...?" He'd say, "yant to have some bananas or chocolate?"
Second... we are all to be ashamed of ourselves (all us Cowells) Episode 14 of M*A*S*H season 7 refers to Winchester's childhood Toboggan hat. It is, indeed, a beenie.

Kristy said...

NO! Say it ain't so. We looked it up on Wikipedia, and it said that in the south the beenie is called a toboggan. But it didn't say it was a PROPER or ACCEPTED definition of the word toboggan.... it just said that's what they call it. It's like Morgan and Lindsay calling a wash cloth a "wha-bop." Not really a word, that's just what they say.