DJ KC (or, "Enough with the birthdays, already.")

If it weren't for my iPod I'd get no exercise at all. Really. What used to be a task is now fun, because it means I get to listen to music uninterrupted for about 40 minutes a day. And the iPod is the perfect answer, because I don't have to commit to just one album. I like making my own playlists depending on the mood I'm in, and I usually put them together while I'm driving to the lake where we take our daily walks. That doesn't help my driving much, but something's gotta give. You know? This is my most current playlist, and it amuses me because, like Barbara's books, some of the juxtapositions are just so weird.

15 Seconds - Ivy
Ask - The Smiths
Blame It On Yourself - Ivy
Bright Side of the Road - Van Morrison
Come Back Down - Toad the Wet Sprocket
Dog - Dada
Dreams be Dreams - Jack Johnson
Gypsy - Suzanne Vega
In God's Country - U2
Into Your Life - Nick Heyward
Perfect Kiss - New Order
She's in Love with the Boy - Trisha Yearwood
Skokiaan - Louis Armstrong
Stretch Out and Wait - The Smiths
Summerhead - Cocteau Twins
Taylor - Jack Johnson
To the Sky - The Cure
Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
Wasting Time - Jack Johnson
Wild Horses - The Sundays

The Cure and Jack Johnson and Trisha Yearwood all in the same place. They'd probably ALL kill me if they knew.


Barbara said...

My favorite set within that list: New Order --> Trisha Yearwood --> Louis Armstrong --> The Smiths. What?! =)

Nathan said...

Kristy, this probably isn't the post to tell you this, but I will anyway... You are the best wife and mother I know. I mean that in all seriousness and it's the truth. Like you say, "Don't argue with me on this one, I KNOW!" You have so much grace and patience with me and especially with Judah. It's so tough being a mom and being a good wife, but you make it happen. Your patience, especially, blows me away. I find myself getting upset at the most trivial things and you are so longsuffering with difficult situations. I admire that very much and wish I had the ability to do as you do. I'm so glad we have forever together. I love you very much.


Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by! See, it's fun sharing jerk boy stories!