Happy Birthday, Arla and Leah!

Late, as usual. I just can't stay on top of all these birthday.

And poor Zoe. Her mom, dad, and now little sister all have birthdays within ten days. Steve on the 18th of December, and Arla and Leah on the 28th. Bummer. Throw Cristmas in, and Zoe will spend every December from here to eternity being broke from buying presents.

Arla is my emotional sister-in-law. I love hanging out with her, because her responses are dependable. When I'm excited, she's excited. When I'm sad, she's sad. And when I'm outraged, she's furious. It's great to have a friend like that, who will stand behind you whole-heartedly and not try to reason with you. Arla and I have had so much fun together over the years, and I truly feel like she is a sister, I've felt that way since the very first time I met her. And now she has another sweet daughter (one that shares her birthday!) and we get to compare baby notes. :) Happy Birthday, Arla and Leah! I love you both.

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