I think I might know where Jimmy Hoffa is....

Last night I went digging through the trunk of my Mustang to find something. For those of you who have seen my car, you know already what a joke that is. As if I could find ANYTHING in that mess. Well, as it turns out, I could actually find ANYTHING I WANTED in there. Here's what I ran across in my search:

1 leopard-print gift bag from one of my bridal showers
1 pair of olive green Nikes
2 pairs of shoes that are at least three years out of style
2 quarts of motor oil
1 sticky notes pad in the shape of a K
1 roll of white tulle (???)
1 Sting "Brand New Day" album that I've been looking for FOREVER (housed inside the missing cover of the latest U2 album - BONUS! two finds in one)
2 barbells weighing two pounds each
1 book about the Capital Group that I never read
1 biography of John Steinbeck made up of the off-color stories of a friend named "Dook"
18 super high bounce balls (don't ask)
1 knee high argyle sock (where's the other one, dang it?!?)
1 other gift bag
1 bottle of gelled fuel (missing some fuel - Thomas thought it would be funny to use the fuel to spell out his name on the cement behind my parents' house, then light it on fire. And it was funny, and kind of cool, but what's not so cool is that it wouldn't wash off, so his name is permanently engraved there)
7 (or 8 or 9) books bought at the La Mirada Library book sale at least 4 sales ago
Various packages of tissue paper
1 pair of scissors
1 bucket full of fishing equipment (Nathan's)
2 hats bought on impulse (I love buying hats but I never wear them)
1 free shirt I got from PetCo
All the paperwork from when we moved out of our last apartment (by which time I was too pregnant to consider carrying any weight besides what I actually HAD to, so I have an excuse for that one)

And all of that was just in the trunk. I haven't even told you about the inside of the car yet. I'm sure that in the event of nuclear holocaust, if my car and I were the only things to survive, I could live for years just on its contents, and have good reading material besides. I know there's at least one diet Pepsi bottle in there with some diet Pepsi left in it (flat, no doubt), and I'm thinking that the package of Thai noodles I lost is probably in there too. In fact, probably everything I've ever lost is there. Oh, and all those socks you always thought your dryer ate? Call me. Because they're in my Mustang.


Barbara said...

That is truly awesome. At a birthday party a while back, a group of us got into a random conversation about what was in the trunks of our cars. You would not BELIEVE some of the stuff people mentioned. Everything from extra toothbrushes to a ceiling fan and a shovel.

The best thing I have in my trunk is one of those round Target cushions from a Hollywood Bowl 4th of July concert many years ago.

Kristy said...

A very useful thing to have in your trunk! How many times have we gone to the Bowl and cursed the hard wooden benches? Too many.

whitetiger said...

I think that's my Steinbeck book, so get it back to me when you have a chance.

Kristy said...

Nope, that one's not yours. Yours is in a box INSIDE the car. I'm holding it hostage until I get my copy of Pastures of Heaven back. Do you have it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me borrow the car. The trunk is pretty full. I could hardly fit my numchucks and bow staff in it.

Kristy said...