One more reason to go to the Hollywood Bowl

As if I need one more reason. There are so many! The main reason to go is for the food. Yeah, yeah, there's good music and all that, but the food!! The Hollywood Bowl is maybe the last remaining excuse in Southern California to pack an honest to goodness gourmet picnic. Okay, maybe they're not always gourmet. But they're always good. And we all know that food tastes better when eaten outside, so that doubles the goodness. Here are the contents of a really good Hollywood Bowl picnic:

Turkey sandwiches with lots of meat and swiss cheese on big fresh rolls
Carrots with Ranch dip
Crackers and more cheese
Pepperidge Farm cookies
Homemade brownies or chocolate chip cookies
Sparkling lime flavored water, red wine, or champagne (depending on who I'm with)
One jar of green olives with pimentos

The olives are the most important part. And if you have a whole jar, they'll easily last you through the whole performance. But here's the thing about eating the olives. They're just so hard to get out of the jar! I'm passionate about green olives, so I get really mad when I can't get one as fast as I want. First of all, if you buy the tall skinny jar they pack them in so tight (four to a layer) that you can't get your fingers around them. Then, even if you don't buy the tall skinny jar, almost no one has fingers long and skinny enough to get to the olives in the bottom. You can't tip the jar to get to them, because all the brine will spill on you. And if you use a spoon to get to them, they will inevitably roll out of the bowl of the spoon before you get to the top of the jar, because the jar's too deep and the bowl's too shallow. So the last dozen or so olives languish in their brine sea because no one can get to them.

AND THEN. Then I went to Crate and Barrel the other day. And Christi, dear sweet Christi, spied and bought me an olive spoon! It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It's a little silver scoop on the end of a long slender handle. The scoop is exactly big enough for one perfect olive, and it's slotted so that the excess brine runs out. Oh, the joy of it! I can now eat olives down to the very bottom of the jar.

I'm going to the first Hollywood Bowl concert of the summer. I don't even care what it is. I might not even go in. I might just find a grassy picnic spot and eat my olives. Anyone can join me, but if you come, bring your own olive spoon. I'm never putting mine down. Unless you bribe me with goldfish crackers. Then I might consider it.


Anonymous said...

Do they have them little forks for meaties? I can never get the first meaty out of the jar. I usually bash it to pieces with my poor small motor abilities. Then the meaty disintegrates and somehow ends up in my hair and ears.

Kristy said...

What a great idea! I'm going to go buy a little fork and then stock up on meaties.

Kristy said...

Also, if you are who I think you are, food usually ends up in your hair and ears no matter what! :)