Another manifestation of Murphy's Law

How come people who blare music never blare GOOD music? It's always something horrible with way too much bass. I thought we'd escaped this when we left Brea for the yuppie paradise of Yorba Linda. Back in Brea we lived on the one ghetto street in the city. Our complex was usually okay, but across the street was the barrio, and they blared ranchera music at truly ungodly hours. You know, it's that music that always has the same beat, it goes, bomp-BOMP-bomp-BOMP and there's always an accordian. So anyway, we thought we'd escaped it out here, and then the new people moved into apartment three. They like to party. And while it isn't ranchera music, it's possibly worse. Rap. And then tonight. Tonight it was Meatloaf. I'm not kidding. And the only song anyone knows of his is "Anything for Love," and that was the only one they blared. Not once, not twice, but FIVE TIMES IN A ROW. Judah woke up crying during the fifth playing, along with another baby we could hear down the way. I don't blame them. I almost cried too.

Meatloaf. Honestly.


Clint said...

Meat Loaf Rules!!! He was in The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Kristy said...

Nope, sorry. That's a step in the right direction, but not enough to redeem him.