Clearly, my readers are geniuses. Or genii. Whatever.

I asked some unanswerable questions, and voila (WAH-LAA!), I got answers. You guys are the best! I had never thought that Bedrock was in the heart of England, but it all makes sense to me now. Clint, were you and Fred friends? Did you collaborate?

So here's the story of our first date. Figure it out if you can, we can't.

Nathan was in practice in an office down in Anaheim. I had recently taken a friend to get adjusted by him, then decided a few weeks later that I also needed chiropractic care. Just an excuse, really. The first time I went in we were talking about movies we'd seen recently. I asked if he'd seen Titanic and he said no. I'd seen it an embarrassing number of times (I'll discuss my addiction in another post) and couldn't believe that there was one living, breathing person in the country that wasn't in love with it. The next time I went to Nathan's office I mentioned that I'd bought Titanic on video, and we should get together and watch it sometime. Nathan's contribution was to say, "Cool. How about Tuesday?" That's my version. Nathan says that all I said was that I bought Titanic on video, and HE was the one that said, "We should watch it sometime. How about Tuesday?" So, my dear readers, I don't think there's any way that you can really figure out what happened. You would have to have been there. Nathan says he has a witness, one of his patients was standing nearby during the whole exchange. I guess it will always be a mystery. We've agreed to disagree.

P.S. That encounter was more than eight years ago, and here we are, happily married for three and a half years. A lot happened between the first date and the wedding, but it all worked out well. And only recently did I learn that Nathan HATES Titanic, and did from the opening scene. And yet, he endured almost four hours of slop for me. Is that love, or what? Recently, he endured The Aviator, Sense and Sensibility, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for me. What a guy!


Anonymous said...

So does this make that giant TV you just got a blessing or a curse?

Kristy said...

Both. The first movie I threw in to test it out was Clueless (much underappreciated and smarter than it seems at first). On the upside, the falls on MXC are just that much better when they're bigger than life. Other than that, the thing is taking up half of our first floor living space, and scared Judah half to death the first time he saw Elmo THAT BIG.

~Melissa said...

I think Nathan initiated, since he actually suggested a day (in either side of the story).