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We just got back from an overnight trip to Tulare. It was for a sad reason: Nathan's grandfather passed away a few weeks ago, and the memorial service was this afternoon in Tulare, where he lived most of his life. It's always sad to lose a loved one, but this loss happened very peacefully and in God's (as ever) perfect timing. Grandpa lived a long, full life, and was getting to the point where he was really restricted in his actions by his health. The thing that Grandpa feared maybe the most was having to live in a "home" for old folks, and he passed away right before that would have had to happen. He spent the last six or seven years of his life living in the guest house at Nathan's parents' place, just 10 steps from them. We will miss him, and "Spike" (as he called Judah) will never know him. But the service today was nice, and was more a celebration of his life than a mourning of his passing. He is in heaven today, having accepted Jesus through "that Billy Graham thing," as he told Ken.

Although the reason for the trip was sad, Nathan and I used the opportunity as a little get-away for ourselves, as well. We left Judah at home in good hands with Grammy and Papa and drove up yesterday afternoon. We got to Exeter, where we were staying, in time to check out a couple of antique stores. In one of them I found a really cool old avocado crate label from the 40s. The brand was O'Don, and they were grown in La Habra. Yay! We also stopped for a few minutes in the town of Lindsay, where my mom was born, and checked out the church my grandpa used to pastor. Later on we went to Visalia for dinner and a movie: Curious George! GO SEE IT. It's awesome. And the music (Jack Johnson) is the best part. George reminded us of Judah. :)

After the service today we drove home through the Central Valley. It's so ridiculously flat that it's hard to believe. All those hills all around, and then suddenly a perfectly flat floor for thousands and thousands of acres. The sun was setting and it was so clear and beautiful. And on long drives I always think about stupid things. I have a list of questions that I want to ask God when I get to heaven. Nathan says that when I get there I probably won't care about those things anymore, but I hope I do. They're interesting to me! Here are some of my questions. If you have the answers, let me know!

Who built Stonehenge?
Has there been a single day in the last 100 years on which no babies have been born?
Who has to shuck the miniature corn for salad bars?
If the world stopped spinning for just one second, would we all go flying into space?
Is time linear or cyclical?
Who initiated our first date: me or Nathan? (He swears it was him, I think it was me...)
Who WOULD win in a fight: Mighty Mouse or Superman?


Barbara said...

Sorry to hear about Nathan's Grandpa, but I'm glad to hear you had a good trip revisiting some family landmarks.

You should post the first-date-asking story, so we can all debate who initiated. =)

Clint said...

Given that God stopped the sun in the sky in the Old Testament, I would think that means He stopped the earth's rotation... therefore, we wouldn't fall off.

Oh, and I built Stonehenge.

whitetiger said...

You have questions, I have answers:

1. F. Flintstone
2. Yes, October 20, 1988, the day time stood still. Hershiser struck out Canseco and the Dodgers won the World Series.
3. Miniature salad bar tenders
4. No, see answer to question 2.
5. My watch is round, so time must be cyclical.
6. Women are always right, so you initiated the first date.
7. Superman

the cowells said...

Yes, there is an article on the subject...
I am guessing child labor produces our schucked baby corn. They are imported from Asia.
However, I have found a website that sells seed for baby corn.
It's all about the victory garden :)