No love for the Cocteau Twins

None of you liked them? And even if you didn't like them, none of you hated them enough to even comment and tell me I have horrible taste in music? Hey, wait a minute. None of you even listened. Did you!?! I know you guys. Too impatient to wait for the Quicktime download, huh? Here's an idea. While you wait, you can play a couple rounds of Minesweeper. That's what I do.

In other news, I went to Starbucks by myself last night for a little downtime. When I ordered my drink I actually gave my real name (I know, I know) and the guy asked, "Is that with a K or a C?" I told him K, totally surprised since no one ever bothers to ask at all. I glanced at the cup after he wrote my name on it and as he was passing it to the girl making drinks and in that second I saw that he'd ended my name in a y. Now I was completely amazed. It would be a Starbucks first, them spelling my name right. I happily took my cup when my correctly-spelled name was called and wandered over to a table. When I set my cup down the name was facing me and I finally saw what the guy had actually written. Krysty. Are you serious? Do they train them to do stuff like that? Because that? That took some effort.


Barbara said...

I confess; I didn't listen. But that's because I'm at work and tend to not watch web video at work. And also the whole "not singing words at all" thing usually turns me off. I'm a lyrics kinda girl. =)

Lloydie said...

Do you have a "Starbuck's Name"? I'm developing a theroy about this...do tell!

Kristy said...

I love lyrics too, you know that. But come on, give my girl a chance! With a voice like hers, you don't need words.

My Starbucks name is generally Stella. In the beginning I thought it would be funny, but now it's kind of a pain to keep up, and I have to because the people there recognize me now. It's all Clint's fault, this whole fake name thing. What's your theory?