Strangely prescient

Tonight I wrote a very long and very important email. I struggled with it for well over an hour. I proofed it. Nathan proofed it. I hit send. And then bubbs ate it for a late night snack. Fourthmeal, I suppose. It's gone. Irretrievable.

Just like the dryer sheet!

I told you the dryer sheet would predict my day. Once I realized that losing the email was the perfect close to a day that started with losing a dryer sheet I didn't feel so bad. Everything feels so nice and circular, like there's a predictable pattern in the universe. A roundness. I might even be able to sleep tonight.


Barbara said...

I hate, hate, HATE it when that happens. You need to stop the bubbs and get Gmail, my friend.

Kristy said...

No kidding! Stupid bubbs. Who's the administrator now and what is their problem?

Clint said...

You still use bubbs as your email? Get with the new millenium girl!

Wendy said...

I still use bubbs for personal mail. I just don't get all the spam that way. I've never had it eat an email though, whereas that's happened a million times with hotmail, blogger, etc.

Clint said...

Gmail saves emails periodically as you write them so even if you lose it at some point you only lose a piece of it.

Gmail rocks your socks yo.

Lloydie said...

I now have "Circle of Life" stuck in my head.
Good thing I LIKE Elton.