Eleven times a bridesmaid....

....only once a bride. Okay, I've only been a bridesmaid eight times. Here's the current score card regarding weddings:

1. Toni Lynn and ??? Toni is my cousin, and I can't remember her first husband's name. I was flower girl, in a white dress with a purple satin sash that I adored.

2. Jolene and Bryce. I was 8 or 9, and passed out programs along with my friend Gretchen. We wore cream colored dresses with teal sashes (it was the mid-80s, so of course the wedding was "peach and teal"). The dresses flared out wonderfully when we spun. Gretchen is now in my MOPS group with me. We STILL talk about those dresses.

3. Becky and Dave. My first experience as a bridesmaid! I was 17. Horrible teal dresses with wide white satin ribbon straps and a huge bow on the back. All of us bridesmaids had the exact same shoes and hairstyle.

4. Arla and Steve. Beautiful midnight blue velvet sheath dress, made by Arla's mom. I felt so grown up and sophisticated. I was 18. We (the bridal party, minus Steve and Arla) all went to Denny's in Sierra Vista after the reception.

5. Jenna and John. Tea length forest green dresses that we had made for us. I was 20, and Jenna was the first of my friends to get married. Nathan was a groomsman in the wedding, and mad because I had brought another boy as a date.

6. Miriam and Martin. Spring green floor length dress that I loved to death. Jenna and I drove up to the wedding city together on my 22nd birthday. Miriam was the most nervous bride I've ever seen. But partly that was Konrad's fault for telling her (minutes before the ceremony) that Martin was still hung over from the night before...

7. Amy and Kris. Another wedding, another green dress. Very pretty, very comfortable. Too bad the mint green clashed with my fiery red hair. The pictures look awful.

8. Joy and Brian. Finally, a bridesmaid outfit I'll actually wear again! Blue jeans and a white button up shirt, brown boots. Joy's the only bride I've ever seen wear a denim wedding dress. And it was the only reception I've ever been to where there was a mechanical bull involved.

9. Jen and Matt. Otherwise known as THE WEDDING WHERE I WORE PINK. And I didn't once complain about it.

10. Christi and Dean. My first Greek wedding! Our dresses were beautiful: navy blue, floor length with a tiny train. And since I was the matron of honor, I got to carry Christi's train while she and Dean walked three times around the alter. It was so cool.

11. Stacy and Ronnie. I don't know these people. I have never known them. I was there to observe the wedding coordinator (more on that later), and after the grandparents had been seated she realized that she'd forgotten to light the large candelabras on the stage. So she sent me in with the lighter, and TA-DA!! My eleventh wedding. I became the official candle lighter. And I didn't even have to buy a special outfit!


Nathan said...

About #5... Who was that guy, anyway? You were way too good for him.

Kristy said...

Ha ha... I forget his name. :)

Anonymous said...

I think Toni Lynn's first husband was Eric.

Kristy said...

I guess that would make sense, since their daughter's name is Erica, huh?