I would've gone for "longest time spent in a luxury hotel"

We spent some time camping with our Sunday School class this weekend. It was such a blast. We had a really good time hanging out in camp, walking down to the beach, and playing games. Last night, when we were sitting around the fire, we started coming up with questions for all of us to answer. One of the stranger ones was, Would you rather kick a dog or make a baby cry? There's no good answer to that. And then someone asked, If you could hold any record in the Guinness Book of World Records, what would it be? Everyone started throwing out answers, like, longest fingernails, man with the most money, woman with the smallest waist.
Nathan's answer? Fattest twin on a motorcycle.

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Sarah said...

HAHAHAAH. Awesome!

How 'bout this one from me:

"Most chocolate eaten in one sitting with no pounds being gained". :)

Also, I need to apologize. I have been meaning to email you about twice a day since you emailed me about getting the boys together. I'll do it by tonight. Perhaps the psychologist in me needs to do a little self-therapy about why I've been procrastinating this...

Anway, look for it soon.:)