It seems like everyone's in kind of a blogging slump recently. I know I am... I haven't felt at all inspired to write. But I wanted to put something up to prove my continuing existence, so here are some random updates on things going on around here.

It's been an okay day. I participated in a little retail therapy this morning, and that was nice. Got myself some shirts (by the way, since when is a size 8 considered large?) and Judah some cute new go-get-ems (shoes). And talked to Ashlee at the same time, who had some good news: their insurance nightmare (never EVER, under any circumstances, move to Arizona while you're pregnant) may be clearing up. Yay!

We're going camping yet again this weekend. This time to Point Mugu with our Sunday School class, which is cool because it's close enough to come home quickly if things get bad. But Judah did great in Pismo a month ago, so it should be just fine. And there will be lots of other kids there for him to play with.

Lately we've been enjoying many battles of the ongoing Judah/Payasa war. Judah has grown to the point where he and the cat are equal strength, and once in a while he's able to catch her by the tail, and then there's a battle. It's always interesting to see which one is going to pull the other one over. Payasa whines (in frustration, not pain) and Judah laughs, and eventually she gets away and turns around and takes a swipe at him (no claws, so this part's always funny too). The cat loves it, the proof of that being that she never ever runs away from him. She enjoys the attention, I think.

Judah now has something over 50 words to his vocabulary. Some of them are very clear: "Stuck!" is his new favorite. And some of them aren't: only a few people get it when he tries to say "Where'd it go?" And then there's the word "apples," which you might think would be the red shiny fruit traditionally found on teachers' desks. But no. It can be used for any object at all: fish, bubbles, light switches, whatever.

That's the news for now. I'll try to have something more interesting for next time, or at least more focused.


Wendy said...

I think kids learning to talk is one of the funnest things about them. "Stuck" was an early one for Connor, but I think it always came out as "duck" as did truck or any other word ending in -ck.

Kristy said...

Yep, Judah's talking keeps me entertained a lot of the time. He can say stuck and duck, but the word sock, when he tries it, comes out one of two ways, both of them obscene.