A few of Judah's favorite things

It's been kind of a miserable day here at Casa de Cowell. I spent last night having nightmares that I can't remember now but which left me exhausted from the word go. Which, for Judah, was at 5:50 this morning. He woke up, his waking up woke Micah up (thankfully Micah went back to sleep), and that was how it started. I took this picture of Judah at 8:30. How tired does he look already? And yet he will not sleep later for love or money or jellybeans. Right after I took this picture he asked me to take a picture of his bench. So I did, and he thought that was funny, so for a while we walked around and I took pictures of whatever Jude told me to. It was pretty fun, a bright spot in a dull day. It was interesting for me to see what Judah deemed worthy of blog-preservation, I have no idea why he picked these things over some other toys that he plays with all the time. But that's a three-year-old for you, right?
Hand-me-down toy storage bench from Rachel and Naomi. Judah mostly stands on it to reach the light switch above it (if I'd shot higher you'd see the dozens of dirty finger prints on the wall) and flip it on and off to throw light switch raves.
The Cat. Otherwise known as Payasa (pie-YA-suh), or, as Judah says, Payasa (pie-yuh-SAW), like her name's Japanese and not Spanish.
Soccer ball, or The Most Important Object In The World.
The red Pottery Barn chair that Jude ignored for the first year and a half he owned it and now likes to turn over to make a "house."

Sunday School paper plate art. He's going through his Pollock period at the moment.
CD. ???????????
Tractor toy from Cars. I have to admit, it's pretty clever, and I probably play with it more than Judah does.
Noisiest Toy Ever Invented (thanks, mom and dad). I actually don't mind this toy, except when Judah gets fixated on the fire truck sound effect at 6:00 in the morning. The steering wheel is broken from that one time Jude threw it down the stairs.
And Baby Tad. Technically, Micah's toy. Judah took it hostage and he and Nathan have a fairly disturbing dance they do when Judah presses Tad's foot and Tad says, "Let's Salsa!" Sometimes I join in, because I love the way it makes Judah fall over with laughter.


Jenna said...

That's the best part about having a baby brother. You can "borrow" (steal/hijack/snitch, etc.) their toys whenever you want.

Don't know how long that phase lasts though...

White Tiger said...

I think I saw Judah on TV pushing his "Sales Success" DVD's. Hope he sells a bunch!!

Dean & Christi said...

5:50AM?!? Are you kidding? Okay maybe I need to re-think this whole wanting a kid thing. JUST KIDDING. My kids will be on my sleep schedule. =) Now THAT is some wishful thinking.

Good job Judah on picking out some great things for your mommy to take pictures of.
~ Christi

Riva said...

those are pretty cool things, Judah! (and making mommy take pictures of them at 5 in the morning is even better!) You're such a good mom for humoring him. Go treat yourself to a diet coke!