Slightly (or very) rattled

This is the full extent of the damage the 5.4 earthquake this morning did to my house. One fallen sippy cup. You'd think that was a pretty mild shake, wouldn't you? You'd be wrong.

Of the things that I've encountered so far in this life there are only two that really, truly terrify me: flying and earthquakes. Both of them bring on near panic attacks and I simply cannot help it. I know that flying is safer than driving on the freeway, and I know that if you survive the initial earthquake you've made it, because it's not going to get any worse. Aftershocks get smaller, not bigger, no matter what the media hype wants you to think. But still. Before I fly it's good if I can get some Ambien and a Xanax and maybe some hard liquor, and before an earthquake.... maybe that's what gets me. There's no way to be ready for them.

I was at my parents' house this morning (fairly close to the epicenter) when the earthquake hit, and it was a good thing I wasn't home alone with the boys. My mom grabbed Judah at the first small shake and headed for a doorway. As for me, all those drills in first grade paid off and I crawled for the dining room table and was under it by the time the really big jolt hit. Unfortunately, I act only on instinct and don't actually think what I'm doing, because I grabbed Micah by the arm to take him with me and ended up dragging him across the floor and possibly banging his head into the table leg. What a great mom, huh? The earthquake alone wouldn't have scared him, but my reaction totally undid him and he cried for a good long time.

After the earthquake ended Judah asked if we could do it again. He loved it!


Wendy said...

I hope you don't mind that I'm totally laughing at you. I'm kind of the same way about earthquakes, and I'm glad I missed it!

Kristy said...

I don't mind at all! I'm sitting here laughing at myself. There's not a lot that can make me outwardly lose my cool (I lose it on the inside all the time), but earthquakes are right up there.