Happy Birthday, Mom!

My parents have sung in our church choir ever since I can remember. This meant that every Sunday morning they would wake us up at a ridiculous hour, get us dressed, get themselves dressed, pile us all (and sometimes our friends) into the station wagon, stop at Yum Yum for donuts, and get us all to church by 7:30. 7:30!! I think my parents are secretly superheroes. My brothers and I would always sit in the second row, and I remember sitting there and smiling up at my mom and waving. And no matter what, she would always smile back and wink at me, even in the middle of serious moments. It meant the world to me. My mother has never failed to acknowledge me, and that has been so important to me. To this day, if I walk up next to her and she's talking to someone else she'll reach out and put a hand on my arm or her arm around me to let me know she's glad to see me. And it still makes me feel so special and secure and loved.

I love you, Mom, and I think you're the best mom in the whole world. I always have. Thank you for always loving me, and for the many, many ways you've shown me love over the years. I'm so glad to have you as a mother and a (second) best friend. Happy Birthday!

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