Take THAT!

Praise the Lord, we're having a world series this year where we don't have to worry about the stupid Yankees!! I'm so tired of them being in the playoffs every single year. And wasn't it great to see that part tonight where the two Yankees players both tried to catch the ball and collided with each other in mid-air? I happened to be walking through our apartment complex when it happened, and I could hear laughter and cheers from all sides. Very cool. Go Angels!!

On another note, I was hoping to include pictures on my blog tonight, but the disk that our friends gave us won't work on our computer for some reason. The three of us went last week to the house of some patients of Nathan's, and the guy took a lot of pictures while we were there that are probably very cute. They have a Newfoundland that weighs about 180 pounds, and an Alaskan Husky that's almost that big. Judah had the best time crawling around on the floor playing with the dogs, grabbing their feet, and laying his head on them. It was so fun to watch. Hopefully we'll be able to get the pictures from them another way and I'll post them here later.

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