All my rebels

Not much going on around here at the moment....but I wanted to post these shots. I did a little "photoshoot" a couple weeks ago because I was making photo boxes for our moms for Mother's Day. I wanted a rock and roll picture for the cover, so I dressed the kids in their rebel wear and set them up. I love how it turned out. Some people think it's morbid that I have a black skeleton onesie for an eight month old baby, but I think it's funny. Nathan's a chiropractor, after all.

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Dean & Christi said...

Hey check out this site for your little rebels.
It's the same site that I saw The Cure Lullaby CD. They do other great bands too. Dean thinks that only of couple of them actually sound like the song that they're supposed to be. I especially like The Bob Marley & The Beatles CD.
~ Christi